Bocan Couture At The Galeries Lafayette Doha

Bocan Knidos Collection Is Available At Galeries Lafayette Doha, Qatar


Knidos is one of the most vibrant and elegant collections that Bocan offers. It brings a touch of femininity with a focus on women empowerment imbibed along with it. Bocan is proud to present the latest collection from the Knidos at the Galeries Lafayette Doha shopping. The whole purpose is to celebrate the livelihood of women in society through a couture approach thatconfides in sustainability and quality. Moreover, Bocan aims to create homewear with zero waste living that creates a better and sustainable planet.


About Galeries Lafayette Doha

Galeries Lafayette Doha is considered one of the most widely sought department stores that can be your ideal shopping destination. The Galeries Lafayette Doha graces over 400 lines of brands that highlight authenticity and culture through the retail industry. Throughout the year, several festivities and events are conducted to grab the people's attention towards Galeries Lafayette Doha. With made-to-measure options and a sustainable fabric, take fashion and comfort to a whole new level with Bocan’s long-sleeve Kaftan dress.


The Importance And Advantage Of Galeries Lafayette Doha

The Galeries Lafayette Doha shopping is situated at the heart of the city, attracting people from the country and tourists visiting the country from around the world. Many factors highlight the importance of having your collections at the Galeries Lafayette Doha.

  • It is the largest and well-esteemed department store that holds famous brands from all over the world
  • The store has over 120 years of experience in the retail industry
  • Doha is at the centre of the city, making it a convenient and easily accessible location for the crowd
  • Millions of people visit the store per year, making it the ideal place for the retail stores to showcase the brand to the world


Bocan Knidos Collection With Couture Fashion For Galeries Lafayette Doha

The Knidos collection by Bocan is a fashion that takes the couture fashion approach with zero waste living at the Galeries Lafayette Doha. Knidos refers to the ancient city that birthed the famous Aphrodite. The entire collection of homewear was influenced by the region's history and its beauty. Bocan strives to create fittings that represent and is made available to the unapologetic women who are strong and soft. Knidos collection also represents women empowerment as a style code through its clothing that speaks volumes to women. With the highlights of the ancient culture, the Bocan collection stands for sustainability and zero waste on the dresses.


Why Opt For Bocan At The Galeries Lafayette Doha

Bocan is your destination to pick out the couture clothing you have been looking for in Galeries Lafayette Doha, as it is exclusively for women by women. The Bocan clothing focuses on creating the best experience for women when they wear it. Professional designers carefully create the dresses without compromising the quality of the texture and focusing on zero waste. The fabric, colour, and styles are carefully chosen so that you would look and showcase the best in you. Bocan is specialised in creating distinctive pieces of clothing like nightgowns, pyjamas, bathrobes, and other dresses, which you can uncover at the Galeries Lafayette Doha. Visit Modist, Thouqi and Sept to get the best collection of Bocan. Shop for sustainable and fashionable clothing to bring out the best in you.

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