Bursa And Silk Road Relationship

Istanbul is the heart of Turkey, and visitors from around the world are thrilled to visit it every year. However, Turkey has many hidden treasures, and one such treasure is the city of Bursa. The Silk Road in Bursa is The Silk Road trade route that traders used to trade valuable goods from the country, which has blossomed the Bursa and Silk Road relationship. 

Bursa And Silk Road Relationship By Bocan

What Is The Silk Road?

In ancient times, a network of trade routes stretched across Asia, Europe, and some parts of Africa. Since silk was the most prominent commodity traded in the regions, the name was rightly called Silk Roads. The Silk Road countries sold the prized possessions from their country to the neighboring countries. Apart from goods, The Silk Road also played a crucial role in facilitating economic, cultural, political, and religious interactions between the East and West. Gems, enslaved people, gun powder, and much more were traded across The Silk Road trade route.

Importance Of Bursa And Silk Road Relationship

The ancient Silk Road of Bursa played a key factor in the country's economic development. Moreover, the silk trade in the central corridors has made the Bursa and Silk Road relationship stronger and has placed itself as a forerunner in the industry as the silk trader. In the modern days, The Silk Road seems to have made valuable investments for the county. The ancient silk and goods trade has strengthened the Bursa and Silk Road relationship, with the city being the center of the automotive industry. The Silk Road maps its way across the sea and has created a solid trading relationship with the West.

Why Is Bursa A Silk Production And Trade Center?

Bursa and its infamous Bursa Silk Road can be stated as the destination for authentic silk with its unique texture and fabric. The city has been a highlight since ancient times for its silk farming which led to the outbreak of the silk industry. Bursa opened its trade center for silk cocoons thanks to its considerable silk production. The silk from Bursa is of high quality, and it has its own luxury to it. Since silk is the most sought-after fabric, there is always a great demand for Bursa silk. The Bursa trade center is especially for the silk trade, and it has revived the Bursa and Silk Road relationship.

Silkworm Farming In Bursa

Silkworm farming or sericulture has been the traditional and cultural occupation of the region. Turkey is the home to three native breeds of silk, namely, Alaca, Hatay Yellow, and Bursa. These breeds are cared for and conserved at the Bursa Provincial Directorate of Agriculture so that the native breed would not become extinct. As a fortunate result of the Bursa and Silk Road relationship, most locals are into silkworm farming. So the tradition is still kept alive without compromising the authenticity of the silk fabric.

Properties Of Silk Fabric

Silk is a fabric that always stands out amidst the rest of the other materials and is a torchbearer for the Bursa and Silk Road relationship. Some of the essential properties of silk fabric are as follows.

  • Lightweight with fine texture making it suitable for different seasons
  • Flexible and elastic making it ideal to be worn on different occasions and storing it for a more extended period
  • Easily absorbable, so one should be careful around it while washing
  • Just as fast as it absorbs, it can dry quickly as well
  • Smoother to the skin and brighter to the eyes

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