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Each order is lovingly handmade by our team of skilled artisans which means your chosen design can be fully customized and tailored to your own specific measurements using the highest quality of fabrics.

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Take Care of Your Bocan


Recently lots of people have been obsessed with the terms ‘ self-care’ and ‘well being’. People want to feel good about themselves. Luxury loungewear/home wear has become a way of expressing self-love nowadays.

With the obsession with self-care and well being, luxury loungewear, nightgowns, and pajamas have become a strong statement for self-care and wellness movement. There is no better feeling than slipping into a luxurious home wear set after a long exhausting day.

  • The whole feeling of well being by Bocan


    Bocan uses natural fibers, soft fabrics, and blends like cotton, rayon, and silk that are breathable and comfortable which also contributes to the whole feeling of ‘well being’. 

    Bocan is immediately recognizable thanks to its color harmony and high-quality fabrics, each Bocan design is one of a kind, meticulously handmade by their skilled artisans.

  • Organize your loungewear by Bocan


    Organize your loungewear drawer to feel luxurious and indulgent. These drawer organizers can help. Add a lavender sachet or fabric spritz for an extra taste of luxury. 

  • Take care of your Bocan


    Now that you’ve invested in Bocan’s comfortable, luxury, elegant, and high-quality home wear set, you must take good care of them.

    Wash on Delicate. Our home wear sets made of ultra-soft fabrics and blends like cotton, rayon, silk. To keep these fabrics soft and clean, wash them on a delicate cycle in cold water. 

    Air Dry. The dryer is a garment’s worst enemy. Whenever possible, but especially with delicate fabrics, air drying is always the better option.