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Azure Collection (63)

Esther - Long Trimmed Dress - Off White


Darcy - Long Rayon Kimono Robe Set - Off White with Silver Lace


Shaina - Long Rayon Strapped Nightgown - Off white with Silver


Hermione - Long Rayon Kimono Set - Off White with Gold Lace


Rachel - Long Rayon Strapped Nightgown - Off white with Gold


Heidi - Long Rayon Robe Set - Ice Blue


Caroline - Long Rayon Strapped Nightgown - Ice Blue


Jasmine - Long Rayon Robe Set - Off White


Maeve - Long Rayon Nightgown - Off White

Azure’s soft soothing colour palette inspired by the ocean brings Bocan’s luxury nightwear collection of versatile, calming, and elegant pieces to life, like silk robesladies nightgownsluxury nightdress, women’s luxury pajamas. Expertly crafted by our team of artisans using premium materials means each and every order is made to the highest standard.