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Robes (69)

Orla - Long Rayon Robe Set - Off White


Opal - Long Silk Chiffon Robe Set - Off White


Ferah - Long Cotton Robe Set - Off White


Melina - Long Silk Chiffon Printed Robe - Off White


Bloom - Long Silk Chiffon Robe Set with Fanlike Sleeves - Off White


Jasmine - Long Rayon Robe Set - Off White


Darcy - Long Rayon Kimono Robe Set - Off White with Silver Lace


Hermione - Long Rayon Kimono Set - Off White with Gold Lace


Heidi - Long Rayon Robe Set - Ice Blue


Choosing the Right Robe

Robes are one of the most comfortable pieces of clothing to wear plus it looks quite chic and elegant. At the same time, with so many different types, models, and materials, choosing the right robe can be an overwhelming experience, to say the least! This is why we have come up with criteria that you can use to narrow down your choices and pick the one that you like the most. Well, how can you choose the right robe for every occasion suitable for your style and personality? Here is the answer:

Choice of Material is Important

One of the first aspects to consider while choosing any piece of cloth, especially a night robe, is the material because you have to feel comfortable wearing it. Therefore, it’s important to choose the material that you’re most comfortable with.

Some of your choices include Chiffon robes Silk robes Cotton robes Silk chiffon robes.

Depending on your personal preferences and weather, you can choose the most appropriate material.

Appealing Color As Reflection of Personality

Once you’ve decided on the material, your job is half done. The next step is to choose the right colour. Your favourite colours are often a reflection of your personality. For example, if you’re an outgoing person with a flair to garner attention wherever you go, coral shades work best for you. On the other hand, if you’re a sympathetic individual who prefers minimalism, light blue is your choice.

This goes to show that your personality and your frame of mind then have a big bearing on the choice of colour. If you’re unsure what is your favourite colour or which one will appeal the most to you, don’t worry! Bocan Couture, a specialist robe seller, understands this dilemma and that’s why it asks you a bunch of questions and suggests the right colours accordingly. This is also an interesting way to know more about yourself, so make sure to click Bocan’s Pick Your Color option to find that perfect colour combination.

Embellish with Different Designs and Accessories

You’re more than halfway done now! Next, choose the design that you love. Ask yourself if you like plain robes or ones that have frills, laces, trimmings, and other decorations. Accordingly, choose robes that have the accessories and design that appeal the most to you.

There are also a ton of designs to choose from such as the one with a long robe, a voile dress, a vual robe set, and more.

Choose the Right Dress for the Occasion

You’re almost there! Just one last bit of decision making. Are you buying for a specific occasion such as a maternity edit or a wedding? If so, choose from the collections that are designed exclusively for these events.

On the other hand, if you choose a regular robe, go for that as well. Remember, you can also choose to buy from a bridal collection if you like that the most. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with some indulgence!

Finally, you’ve selected the robe of your choice and what separates you from your favourite clothing is the click of a mouse. So, without any ado, go to Bocan and buy your favourite robe right away. Revel in its beauty and feel like a queen in your new robe!