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Queen Elizabeth II, a life of service, dedication and duty. Her Majesty Queen as a female role model, inspired all the women in the world with her life.

With great sadness, we recently said goodbye to Queen Elizabeth II.

Her Majesty will be remembered as an inspirational leader.

Here at Bocan we give great care to support women and women empowerment. Made from women to women is our philosophy.

As a great, empowered female leader, Her Majesty was elegant and unconditionally self-worth, who values the beauty of details in every aspect of her life and is respectful of her environment, devoted her life to the service of her people.

To honour her remarkable life of service, celebrate her life and the impact she has had on the nation and us, we wanted to dedicate BOCAN's Latest Collection to Her Majesty and call it respectfully 'Lilibeth'.