What To Wear After Giving Birth?

Your body is recovering after the delivery and getting adjusted to the new normal of sleepless nights, sometimes fatigue, being a mom and nursing. During this critical time, your postpartum clothes needs all the help and support it can get.

Besides healthy food and lots of rest, you also need the right nursing clothes that will make you feel comfortable and at the same time, easy to nurse your baby often. Let’s take a look at some of the best postpartum clothes you can wear during this “new mom” phase under nursing clothes.

From the moment you find out you're pregnant, sleep is going to become one of your biggest concerns during your pregnancy. The journey into motherhood brings with it a sense of tiredness that you won't have experienced before, and getting as much sleep as possible, or even just resting, is key. Then, let us discover the best postpartum clothes in Bocan Couture Blog.

What Are The Best Postpartum Clothes and Maternity Wear?

Silk Robes

Silk Robes are a must-have item as postpartum clothes on your maternity wear and nursing clothes wardrobe as you can quickly put them over your body when you have to attend to someone at the door or handle unexpected visitors by pregnancy clothes, like postpartum body, cotton dresses, nursing bra and nursing tops.

And also one way to feel confident while keeping comfortable is to cover up in style with a loose-fitting silk robes, like postpartum body, cotton dresses, nursing bra and nursing tops. These easy-to-wear designs of postpartum clothes, such as postpartum body, cotton dresses, nursing bras and nursing tops can be worn to perfectly frame your bump during your baby shower or reception before the arrival of your new addition to your family. This must-have maternity wear item and also postpartum clothes can grow with you too because it can quickly be thrown on with ease during those first few weeks of the baby being home when getting dressed is the last thing on your mind. Silk robes also make a wonderful gift for expectant maternity that will be treasured far beyond those magical months of pregnancy.

Silk Chiffon Robe & Silk Crepe Nightie Beige - MiaCotton Vual Robe Set Off White - Sheila - SofiaSilk Chiffon Robe Set Light Green - Lady Nile


Cotton and Nursing Nighties

It’s important to consider the right nursing nighties and also postpartum clothes for the ever-changing needs that becoming a new mom involves and also maternity.

Comfortable and practical maternity wear and nursing nighties are vital, because in those exciting months of pregnancy and the weeks following after giving a birth, you'll be wearing postpartum clothes a lot.

Here are Bocan’s most comfortable and stylish nursing pajamas favourites that are perfect for both maternity wear’s style and for when you have a hungry newborn on your hands.

With hormones running on overdrive, body temperature tends to fluctuate a lot so choosing materials that can adapt to these changes is something to consider, especially during pregnancy. Light and breathable cotton naturally regulate body temperature. The softness of our high-quality natural cotton nighties won't irritate your growing bump and what’s more, when your new baby is here it will be gentle enough for their delicate skin when being cradled to sleep during the night.

Cotton Voile Robe Set Honey  - MarigoldCotton Voile Pyjama Set Off White - Miss Sheer
Cotton Poplin Dress Light Green - Sheila (Pink)


If you decide to nurse then choosing the right nursing nighties that will make you feel comfortable and at the same time, make it easy to breastfeed your baby when needed is important. That’s why it’s worth investing in ladies nightgowns which are adaptable to yours and your little one's needs and can be worn time and again long after the postpartum months, too. Our breezy night-dresses offer practical yet luxurious detailing and are made from natural materials which can help you feel comfortable throughout the night for postpartum clothes.

Cotton Nursing Dress

As your bump grows, thoughts turn to post-birth recovery and whether nursing will be for you. If you choose to breastfeed your baby, you'll need fuss-free access for quick feeds in the night as well as loungewear that allows room to move for comfort and to help aid those first few weeks of recovery once you’re home from the hospital to wear postpartum outfit hospital.

That's why our stylish kaftan dresses and cotton nursing dress offer discreet access for nursing via cleverly concealed zip fronts along with a flexible fit for every stage, and they can be worn both day and night whilst caring for your little one.

Choose from a selection of eye-catching prints or feminine lace detailing for an extra special touch that you’ll feel good wearing.

Poplin Dress Light Blue - Colette in Light BlueSilk Crepe Dress Honey Half Sleeve - Miel in Gold


Cotton Poplin Dress Light Blue - Miss Bocan


Visit Bocan Couture and choose from a wide range of luxury loungewear and sleepwear that’s made with comfort and style in mind, making it ideal for both pregnancy and postpartum during your pre-maternity period by postpartum clothes. Ensuring you feel pampered and relaxed at a time when you need it most. 

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