In Conversation with Linda Darahim

As you know, in honour of Women’s History Month, we started to interview some inspirational women  who are at the peak of their careers.

After talking to some incredible female entrepreneurs like Chloé Pierre and Sonya Barlow, we decided to keep hosting more inspirational role models because we are all about empowering and uplifting women, so we want to use our platform to support them.

Raised in Paris, Linda is the founder of @majorelatelier whose timeless collections offer luxury handmade pieces that will last a lifetime. A leading fashion buyer for one of the Middle East’s biggest e-commerce platforms turned successful designer, Linda decided to create her own jewellery brand while pregnant with her daughter and has seen her business go from strength to strength since.

We talked about how her journey started and how she is inspired by creating this own jewellery brand. She shared her experiences and opinions with about the global pandemic and how she has adapted her business. It was an amazing conversation with her.

⁠You can view our Linda’s interview here 

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