5 Gift Recommendations for Stylish Women


As we wrap yet another eventful year, it is time to thank all the wonderful people around us for having stood by us through our happiness and sorrow. So why not take the time to buy something for that special women in your life? Something that she will love and cherish forever.

When you think of Christmas gifts for women, you might instantly think of jewelry, or perfume. But luxurious clothing should always be your number one choice. Giving the gift of clothing is something that will last forever and create a wonderful memory for those that receive it. Choosing the right piece will send a strong signal that you understand and cherish the other person.

That said, choosing the right clothes for the right person is the key, and we’ve put together a list of some of our favorites to help you make your decision.


Gifts for The Women Who Loves Pajamas!

Pajamas are always a great gift because no one can ever have enough of it! They are versatile, comfortable, stylish, and can make for an ideal outfit choice for “me time” as well as downtime to wind down after a long day.

Bocan’s pajamas collection will make her feel stylish and comfortable because they are made with the most luxurious materials such as cotton and silk in a range of stylish designs.

Our pajamas can be customized with special alterations to make sure they fit perfectly.

1) Trimmed Pyjama Set With Printed Long Robe - Off White

2) Trimmed Pyjama Set With Printed Long Shirt - Spring Flowers - Ecru

3) Cotton Voile Pyjama Set - Miss Sheer Off White

4) Trimmed Pyjama Set With Printed Long Robe - Magnolia - Floral Green

5) Shirt Dress With Tied Skirt - Pagoda In Yellow


Gifts for The Fashion-Lovers

Are you looking for a unique gift for that fashionista in your life? And did you know that trimmings and layers are the in-thing now?

Well, your job just got easy as Bocan has some of the most stylish nightgowns designed to suit every woman. Our range of comfortable but stylish nightgowns are the perfect choice. They are available in a wide range of pastel shades so she can wrap herself in her favourite colour.

1) Trimmed Pyjama Set With Printed Long Robe - Magnolia - Floral Green

2) Trimmed Silk Chiffon Robe Set - Off White - Mia Light Pink

3) Trimmed Pyjama Set With Printed Long Robe - Off White

4) Trimmed Silk Chiffon Robe And Trimmed Silk Crepe Nightie - Mia Beige

5) Cotton Voile Honey Robe Set - Marigold


Gifts for The Women Who Loves Details

Some women like to plan everything down to the last detail, and this is easily translated into clothing too. In clothing this translates into fine laces, trimmings, and embroidery that are sure to bring a big smile to her face.

When you combine this intricacy with comfort and beauty, your gift will give the recipient a whole new level of happiness. Our perfectly designed robes are handmade with the highest attention to detail and will make the perfect gift. Watch the glee on her face when you give her the perfect gift, that she will cherish for a long time to come.

1) Trimmed Cotton Vual Robe Set - Big Rose ( Gold) Off White

2) Silk Chiffon Embellished Dress - Dusty Kiss On Shoulder

3) Trimmed Cotton Vual Robe Set - Big Rose ( Gold) Off White

4) Trimmed Cotton Honey Vual Robe Set - Miel

5) Trimmed Silk Chiffon Robe And Trimmed Silk Crepe Nightie - Mia Beige


Gifts for New Mothers

New mothers are one of the most deserving recipients for gifts simply because of everything they have just done. They have created new life, and this simply must be celebrated. Because their bodies are recovering, it is important to show them how much you care with a truly thoughtful gift that they can wear while receiving visitors to show off that perfect tiny human.

Amidst all this, you can give them a gift that will help them look back and celebrate their time as a new mum. Something they will keep and remember forever to remind them of this perfect time. Choose the right materials that will bring the new mother comfort, choose a design that will make motherhood a joy.

Plus, breastfeeding a baby doesn’t mean the new mother misses out on gorgeous clothing, but if you’re not sure what to buy for something who is breastfeeding? Take a look at our recommendations. Visit our Baby Reception Collection where you can find comfort, utility, and fashion combined and you can make the perfect choice.

1) Cotton Voile Off White Robe Set - Marigold

2) Silk Chiffon Trimmed Dress With Furry Pin - Off White

3) Trimmed Silk Chiffon Robe Set - Off White - Ecru - Emma

4) Trimmed Cotton Dress - Ecru

5) Trimmed Triangular Sleeve Silk Chiffon Dress - Emy ( Off White ) Off White


Gifts for The Mothers to be

As a mother-to-be they need a lot of attention and pampering as the big day draws near. It’s hard work carrying a baby for 9 months, and we should celebrate this.

Pamper your mother-to-be with clothing that makes them feel comfortable, such as an elegant dress, or something to make them look elegant, feel resplendent in this wonderful phase of life.

Let Bocan be your one-stop shop for buying that special gift for a special woman in your life!

1) Voile Powder Robe Set- Lady Sheer

2) Voile Light Blue Robe Set - Lady Sheer

3) Silk Chiffon Buttoned Printed Dress - Gilly

4) Trimmed And Zippered Dress - Lady Di Light Blue

5) Trimmed Cotton Vual Robe Set - Sheila (Off White) Off White - Sofia

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