Nightgowns As Gift, Make Her Happy w Nighties

Nightgowns As Gift, Make Her Happy w Nighties

It is Christmas time, also known as the time for gifts. If you want to get the women in your life a unique present, why not go with a Christmas nightie? Nightgowns can be incredibly fun presents for your partner, friend, or even yourself. If you think that it can be boring, we are here to dispel your worries. Luxury nightgowns are sustainable, fashionable and timeless. Let us learn more about this wardrobe staple.


Are Nightgowns a Good Present for Her?

You might not be convinced and are still wondering if nightgowns are a suitable choice of gift for that special woman in your life. There are various nighties for women; how can you choose the best one? There are ladies nightdress - vintage style, classic style, modern style, and more. The trick in picking the right gift lies in not just form but functionality. You need to decide whether she would prefer something out of the box or in a style that she is used to. One thing that will always be appreciated is something that can be used every day. Also, Bocan have benefits of made to measure for sustainability


What is the Best Fabric for Nightgowns?

Nightgowns are intimate apparel and need to be of high quality to ensure you get a good night’s rest among luxury loungewear. Cotton and silk are very popular fabrics for nighties for women.

Cotton nightgowns - Lightweight and sustainable, cotton is a wonderful fabric, especially in warmer climates. They can be layered with a robe when it is cold. The fabric patterns are versatile and colourful, giving you plenty of options to choose from. Floral, stripes, solid colours, and geometric shapes are common designs for ladies nightdress.

Silk nightgowns - Silk is a natural fabric that is soft and rich, making it another great choice for nighties for women. It is a breathable material that is suitable for even sensitive skin. They made of silk can be worn whether you are at home or travelling.


How to Fold Nightgowns for Your Organized Wardrobe? 

Folding and storing ladies’ nightdress is easy. Follow these steps to save space and keep your gowns fresh and folded.

  1. Lay the gown on a flat surface and smooth out the creases
  2. Fold the straps (or sleeves) into the gown
  3. Next, it needs to be narrowed. For this, make the top and bottom are of the same width
  4. Fold in thirds to get a long, narrow folded gown
  5. And finally, fold it in half and then thirds so that you are left with a compact roll
  6. Store them in your wardrobe or drawers


Are Nightgowns a Good Present for Pregnancy?

A maternity nightie is a very thoughtful gift for new (to-be) mothers. At this crucial stage in their lives, they need to be dressed in the softest fabrics like cotton or silk. A fashionable, luxury maternity nightgown is sure to lift their spirits and ensure a comfortable nap or a good night’s rest.


Nightgowns with Sleeves, or Sleeveless? 

Long nighties, short gowns, nightgowns with sleeves, nightgowns with robes - the options are endless and can be confusing. The answer is quite simple, though. Sleeveless nighties are best suited for warm weather and can be layered with robes and half-sleeves or long-sleeves are better for colder climates. Another thing to consider is the style of the person wearing it - after all, outfits look best when loved by the person wearing them.

If you are looking for a chic nightgown to buy, visit Bocan for our beautifully designed, sustainable products, like robes and women’s pyjamas in silk and cotton.

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