Benefits of Made To Measure for Sustainability

Benefits of Made To Measure for Sustainability

Sustainability is not just a buzzword. People are trying to adopt sustainable practices in all aspects of their lives by recycling, using eco-friendly products, carpooling, or wearing sustainable clothes. Generally, most of us are used to picking ready to wear clothes. Today, it is extremely easy to simply select and buy an outfit “off the racks.. However, is that practice really sustainable? Since it is produced at a fast pace and in large quantities, it is not as sustainable and eco-friendly as made to measure clothing. Let us explore the world of custom made fashion.


What Is Made To Measure Clothing and Its History?

Tailoring clothes goes all the way back to the Middle Ages and has evolved tremendously since then. Bespoke tailoring refers to the practice of creating clothes that are made to measure for a particular person. Earlier, before mass-produced, ready to wear clothing became prevalent, garments were generally made to order. Tailors would conduct fittings for their clients and take down their body measurements to create the cut as tailor made. With the advancement of technology, factory-made clothes became popular, and made to measure clothing began to fade away and was predominantly used by those who could afford it.

Today, things have changed, and for the better. With people becoming more environmentally conscious, they are investing in made to measure clothes that are sustainable and fashionable.


How Does Made To Measure Work?

The made to measure outfit creation process works as:

  • The customer’s body measurements are noted by the retailer.
  • A base pattern for the outfit is chosen. This usually is close to the actual measurements of the customer.
  • The base is then altered and tailored to perfectly match the customer’s measurements.
  • This modified pattern is used to create the final garment.

The difference between made to measure and tailor-made (or bespoke) clothing is that in the former, there is a basic level of standardisation for made to measure when it comes to patterns and styles, while in the latter, the garment is made completely from scratch. Unlike fast fashion, customisable clothing takes longer to make and follows an eco-friendly business model.

  • The retailer or company receives an order for one (or more) of their outfits.
  • They start manufacturing the order based on the specifications and can even add details (like pockets, changes to colours, etc.) based on the customer’s requirements.
  • The final outfit is then delivered to the customer.

In the next section, we will explore why this working model for made to measure is beneficial for our environment.


What Are The Benefits of Made To Measure To Sustainability & Environment?

Custom clothing offers tremendous benefits to our environment. They are highly sustainable and eco-friendly.

  • Made to measure clothes are produced under ethical conditions.
    • The artisans are paid fair wages and work in a safe and secure space.
    • The materials used are sustainable and organic (like cotton, linen, bamboo, etc.).
    • There is minimal waste generated since there is no mass production.
    • The clothes are of great quality, and hence, last longer.

    Sustainable and Organic Fabric Preference With Made To Measure 

    Fabrics made of organic materials like cotton and linen are produced with lesser waste and are also long-lasting as made to measure. Thus, most made to measure clothes are made of such organic fabrics. Another value-added benefit of these fabrics is that they are lightweight and breathable, ensuring maximum comfort. Not to mention, they can be styled according to the latest fashion trends!

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