In Conversation with Chloé Pierre for Women's History Month

To celebrate Women In History Month we’re ‘In Conversation’ with four inspiring women throughout March and we were lucky enough to welcome our second guest, leading Digital Marketeer & Wellness Entrepreneur Chloé Pierre.

Chloe is the founder of thy.self  and thy.self men whose mission is to make wellness accessible to those who are underrepresented in the industry, from challenging the norms of what wellness looks like to highlighting racial equity, and ethical sustainability. The disruptive lifestyle brand is helping to actualise self-care and self-love and aims to do this in an inclusive and relatable way through the representation of the people and communities that its origins are derived from. Chloe has grown the thy.self community to thousands of members globally, and has held international events to disrupt the status quo and make wellness more diverse. This growing community is for like-minded people of all ages, backgrounds and demographics who connect online as well as through inclusive initiatives, discussions and curated events that promote diversity within the wellness space.


As a leading digital marketing manager Chloe also consults with brands on how to be culturally appropriate and how to reach a wider audience through their campaigns. Chloe has made it her mission to tackle challenging issues in wellness through community initiative and ensuring wellness facilities are safe spaces for everyone.

You can view Chloe’s interview here

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