Bocan Luxury Sleepwear Unveils Captivating Capsule Collection, Empowering Women with Elegance and Divine Sleepwear

London, June, 2023 – As Bocan Luxury Sleepwear, the all-female-run brand (led by three strong women: Ayşe Bocan and her daughters, Ecem and Melike Bocan) committed to empowering women through elegant and divine sleepwear, we are thrilled to announce the launch of its extraordinary capsule collection inspired by The Lanesborough Hotel (one of the most luxurious hotels of London) Following the successful opening of their flagship store in London's prestigious Marylebone High Street, our brand seamlessly blends the essence of London's royal patterns
with their unique design vision, offering women a transformative sleepwear experience.

The capsule collection is a testament to Bocan's unwavering commitment to providing women with sleepwear that exudes confidence, elegance, and a divine aura. Drawing inspiration from the refined ambience and regal aesthetic of The Lanesborough Hotel, each piece is meticulously crafted with high-quality fabrics, ensuring both comfort and style are seamlessly integrated.

Bocan Luxury Sleepwear By Bocan

"We believe that every woman deserves to feel empowered and embraced in their sleepwear," says Ecem Bocan, our co-founder of Bocan Luxury Sleepwear. "Our capsule collection captures the allure and sophistication of The Lanesborough Hotel, creating an elevated experience for women to embrace their inner elegance.''

Melike Bocan, our another co-founder adds, "We carefully curated this collection to reflect the timeless beauty and opulence synonymous with The Lanesborough
Hotel. From intricate lacework tometiculous attention to detail, each design embodies a sense of grandeur and refinement."

With the opening of their flagship store, Bocan invites customers to immerse themselves in the world of luxurious sleepwear. The store provides a personalized and enchanting shopping experience, allowing customers to explore the collection up close and discover their perfect piece of elegance, inspired by The Lanesborough Hotel and the royal patterns
that have influenced Bocan's design journey.

"The opening of our flagship store marks an important milestone for Bocan Luxury Sleepwear," says Ecem Bocan. "We are excited to welcome customers into our world of elegance and empowerment, where they can discover sleepwear that embraces their inner beauty."

To celebrate the launch of the capsule collection, Bocan Luxury Sleepwear hosted an enchanting Slumber Party at The Buckingham Suite within The Lanesborough Hotel. Attendees were treated to an unforgettable experience, trying on the exquisite sleepwear pieces and engaging with the brand's co-founder sisters, Ecem and Melike Bocan, who shared their insights into the inspiration
behind the captivating collection.

"The Slumber Party was a night of pampering, relaxation, and indulgence," says Melike Bocan. "It allowed our guests to not only experience the comfort and elegance of our designs but also connect with our brand's deep connection to the royal patterns and elegant atmosphere of
The Lanesborough Hotel."

Guests at the event were further delighted with a delectable array of carefully crafted canapés and refreshments, perfectly complementing the overall indulgent ambiance of the evening. The enchanting Slumber Party provided an immersive and memorable experience, showcasing the brand's commitment to luxury, style, and
the art of indulgence.

''At Bocan Luxury Sleepwear, we believe in creating a positive impact on the environment through sustainable practices. Our supply chain is carefully designed to minimize our carbon footprint, working closely with local producers and shipping from a single location," emphasizes Ecem Bocan, co-founder of Bocan Luxury

"Sustainability is at the core of our values. We are proud to prioritize a sustainable supply chain that supports the local community and minimizes our environmental impact. By working closely with local producers, we ensure that our customers can feel good about their purchase, knowing they are making a positive difference," adds
Melike Bocan, co-founder of Bocan Luxury Sleepwear.

Bocan Luxury Sleepwear continues to prioritize sustainability, with a focus on a sustainable supply chain and minimizing their carbon footprint. By working closely with local producers and shipping from a single location, the brand ensures a positive impact on the environment and supports the local community.

The launch of the capsule collection and the opening of the flagship store in London's Marylebone High Street in November 2022 mark a significant milestone for Bocan Luxury Sleepwear. The brand's dedication to empowering women through elegant and divine sleepwear continues to resonate with customers

"We believe that elegance and empowerment should not be compromised, even in the realm of sleepwear," says Ecem Bocan. "With our capsule collection, we invite women to embrace their inner beauty and radiate confidence every night."

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