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We are grateful to announce that Bocan is recently seen on Vogue Business by Maliha Shoaib in her article: “After Reconsidering Free Returns: Fashion's New Approach." The insights provided have been invaluable for our business, shedding light on shifting industry dynamics and innovative strategies. It was an absolute pleasure for us to contribute to this enlightening article.

Thank you for enriching our perspective and reinforcing the importance of collaboration. We eagerly anticipate more enlightening exchanges in the future.

Vogue Business By Bocancouture

Localising Logistics

Localising the supply chain and logistics network enables companies to reduce the time, costs and environmental footprint of returns.

Turkish luxury nightwear brand Bocan Couture owns its own factory in textile hub Bursa. It’s a family business — the brand is run by Ecem Bocan, her sister Melike and mother Ayse, whose family has been working in textiles for generations, and the factory is owned by Ayse’s cousin. Bocan offers free shipping but asks customers to pay to return products, offering an exchange rather than a refund. Bocan’s biggest market is the Gulf region in the Middle East, but also has a large growing market in the UK. “We have an advantage because Turkey is in the middle of [our key markets],” says Ecem Bocan. The positioning is also a benefit because prioritising exchanges over refunds means a higher proportion of shipments. Read more on Vogue Business now.

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