Which Luxury Bocan Couture Robe Set Are You?

According to Your Personality Type

Looking for Valentine’s Day nightwear, new pajamas for Lunar New Year or simply a set of luxury loungewear? Every Bocan Couture loungewear set is special, be it an angelic, chiffon white slip dress or an elegant, crushed velvet robe. Just like women, each luxury robe set embodies a different personality, so that every woman can style it as they wish, and even wear the luxury pajamas outside to dance away at a sweet soiree.

But the one common thread? The luxury loungewear is made from the finest materials, meticulously handcrafted by artisans in the family atelier in Bursa, Turkey. Like the three female founders, Bocan Couture’s pieces exude different facets of femininity, grace and charisma—so which set are you? Read on to find out.


You Are:


If you’re always the friend taking care of the group and the one everyone in your circle looks to for advice, our newest Lunar Elegance sets have your name on them. The stunning Abelia dress, for example, features angular sleeve cuts and a zipper running down the middle of the universally flattering dress. For the demure dames who prefer subtlety, the darling is in the details of these luxurious dresses, like the pearl zipper puller and lace on the sleeves.


If you are always hosting dinner parties in your perfectly curated home and have an immaculate closet of vintage pieces, you are the Velvet Robe Set. In lush hues like Powder or Plum of the Rana Set, the shimmering velvet robe with lace appliques is paired with a combed cotton nightgown, making the perfect pair for our Bocan queens to luxuriate on the sofa or to swan about a candlelit salon.


For the sensitive souls whose idea of a great date is an evening of board games, movies and chocolates, the Silk Chiffon Robe set is the one for you. Delicate and ethereal, these robe sets in neutrals or pastels offer a fairy-like fit, thanks to the details like the bat-wing sleeves on the Carina or floral lace trim on the Lerna. The airy touch and diaphanous materials are sure to satisfy any romantic.


For those always on the move, you’d need comfort, ease and cosiness. The Cotton Robe sets achieve just that without compromising on style, with the help of their breathable and light materials and practical shapes with empire seams. Take the sunny yellow Anne nightgown for a spin around the block, styled with a cream cardigan, or bell-sleeved Ferah to a garden party. These robe sets are meant for adventure.

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