What To Wear To a Baby Shower?

After months of morning sickness, aches, pains, and belly kicks, the time has come to celebrate mum-to-be. Yes, it's baby shower time! Baby showers are one of the many things that make pregnancy and the run-up to birth so exciting. This gathering of friends and family to celebrate mum and gather gifts for the bump is an age-old tradition and a great reason to dress up for. But here's the dilemma, what to wear to a baby shower?

Maybe you're the expectant mum looking for cute maternity dresses for your special occasion, or perhaps you're the guest questioning what dresses are best to wear to a baby shower - either way, the Bocan Couture team is here to help. See below our brief guide on how to dress for a baby shower.

What Should I Wear to A Baby Shower?

Most question what to wear to a baby shower as it's one occasion that is rarely formal, yet neither is it casual. You don't want to dress up too much or outshine the mum-to-be, so you're looking for a happy medium and a baby shower guest dress that makes an impression but isn't overstated.

When considering what outfit works best for a baby shower, do consider the location and who will attend. Smart-casual dresses and floral or maxi dresses should complement the proceedings nicely if it's a casual gathering at home or a garden event. If it is to be held at a fine restaurant, on board a yacht, or in a luxury hotel, silk dresses, midi dresses, and quality designer dresses may be more suitable. As a rule, it's a good idea to keep tight clothing to a minimum and avoid wearing ultra-high heels or plummeting necklines, as relatives may attend the baby shower and may disapprove of revealing outfits.

What To Wear To a Baby Shower When Pregnant?

Baby showers are all about you (and your belly) if you're the mum-to-be. Feeling comfortable and wearing quality bump-friendly maternity wear for a baby shower is vital. If your baby shower is a casual gathering or brunch with the girls, you can't go wrong with flattering midi maternity dresses or floaty maxi maternity dresses.

On the other hand, if the baby shower is more formal, there's a wide range of luxury maternity dresses, elegant maternity dresses, and maternity evening dresses that are beautifully designed and embroidered to flatter both mum-to-be and bump. At Bocan Couture, you can have processes like colour change, personalised customisation such as embroidery, and choosing your favourite fabric type modification. All you have to do is contact us! If you want to stand out, Bocan Couture's range of personalised maternity dresses are the epitome of style and elegance and designed to make expectant you look great and feel fabulous.

What Color Do You Wear To A Baby Shower?

Although there's no dress code for a baby shower, celebrating a happy occasion suggests wearing happy colours. Unless the baby shower is themed, white maternity dresses, pastel colours, floral prints, and blue maternity dresses are always good options for a mother-to-be.

If it's your best friend or daughter's big day and you're on the hunt for baby shower outfits, it's best to steer clear of muted tones, and dreary grey or black dresses in favour of bright colours or lighter tones bring joy and radiance to the room.

What to Wear to A Baby Shower When Nursing?

Finding comfortable clothes is not only an issue faced by expectant mums. New mums and nursing mothers also face problems finding stylish and practical nursing dresses for baby showers. Just like maternity wear, postpartum fashion requires thought. A woman's body needs room to recover and nurse after giving birth. Senses are heightened, and the fit around the chest and the feel of the fabric are essential.

Organic, breathable dresses made from cotton and silk are far better than synthetic dresses if you are pregnant or nursing a child. Nursing dresses are designed to be comfortable, and our range of nursing evening dresses is ideal for new mums who want to look fabulous yet need room to breathe and nurse their little ones.

Where to Find Dresses For a Baby Shower?

To some extent, there's no written rule on what to wear to a baby shower, so the decision comes down to personal choice. Whether you're looking for a nursing or maternity dress for baby shower, you can view a wide range of elegant dresses and affordable maternity wear ideal for attending a baby shower. Visit the Bocan Couture maternity collection and our blog for inspiration!

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