Tatler Asia's December Publication Spotlights Bocan Couture!

We are delighted to announce that Bocan Couture has been included in the prestigious Tatler Asia's December publication!

The spotlight shines on us under the caption, "7 luxurious and stylish loungewear to give a loved one or yourself for a cosy and chic Christmas."

From feather-trimmed pyjamas preferred by Rihanna and Beyoncé to silk robes worn by Middle East’s monarchs, these are the best loungewear labels to know this festive season Discover the luxurious and stylish loungewear that has caught the attention of Tatler Asia's December issue!   

Tatler Asia's December publication spotlights Bocan Couture!

Bocan has been mentioned as below:

“Hailing from generations of textile traders in Bursa, Turkey (a major silk trade hub during the Byzantine and Ottoman empires), Ayşe Bocan founded Bocan Couture with her two daughters Ecem and Melike in 2013. Since then, the family label has become known for their precious lace and silk creations favoured by royals across Europe and the Middle East. Find vibrant velvet robes in natural and certified sustainable fabric, which are handmade in the Bursa region to minimise their carbon footprint. The founders’ favourite set? “Our go-to is the beige Jemima set,” Ecem Bocan tells Tatler. “We love that it embodies a golden allure and a sense of elegance.”

Don't just take our word for it—click here to check out the Tatler Asia feature and immerse yourself in the world of Bocan Couture!

Let's celebrate this season of elegance, style, and the enchanting allure of Bocan Couture together.

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