In Conversation with Noelle El Saadany

We are so honored to welcome our latest guest to our In Conversation series taking place in September; Noelle El Saadany.

“Noelle El Saadany”, is one of the most popular figures in the GCC MENA region, she is known for her successful work in personal development and life coaching under the brand “Change with Noelle”.

She is the first Arab woman nominated for the Monaco Awards 2020 under the Mentor Category. “Noelle” coaches celebrities and several prominent figures across the world. Besides, she is widely recognized for her work within corporate and personal coaching as well as her various projects advocating for Mental Health Awareness.

Where thoughts go energy flows. Make sure you focus on the rainbows and not the rain, always look for the blessing. Even if only one…” Noelle’s words have the power to strongly stick into your minds. She lifts souls up as if she only cares about motivating and inspiring others. “Noelle El Saadany”, Egyptian-Tunisian & French, is the first Arab woman nominated for the Monaco influencer Awards 2020. She has been nominated under the mentor category.

“Noelle El Saadany” is a must follow influencer.

You can view Noelle’s interview here.

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