How To Choose Bedding Sets?

Did you know that most people spend at least a quarter of their whole life sleeping? The majority of the population manages to get at least six hours of sleep in a day, so when you do the math, that amounts to a quarter of one’s life! This is, of course, vital for your wellness and health. A good night’s rest recharges the body for the next day, and in this high-speed world, rest is of paramount importance. A comfortable bedding set can help in having a relaxing sleep. Choosing one is not as simple as it may seem. It needs to be of the right size; king size bedding sets or double bedding sets are commonly used by most people. Also, the right fabric, like linen bed sheets or cotton duvet covers and bedspread. Apart from size, quality and comfort are also very important. This brings us to the next question.

We have written a guide that we hope helps you in choosing your bedding sets and luxury bed sheets. These recommendations are carefully put together and take into account not just their utility but also their style and luxury quotient. Let us take a look!


Luxury Bedding Sets


Let us paint a picture for you. After a long day at work, you come home, shower, and settle into your bed with a book, and you fall asleep in minutes. Sounds great, does it not? Luxury bedding sets are definitely part of this picture. If you prefer minimalist decor, then white bedding sets or grey bedding sets are ideal for you. And also, right fabric whether linen bed sheets or cotton duvet covers and bedspread. If that is not your cup of tea, you can choose colourful or patterned sets beside of grey and white bedding sets. Depending on your taste, you can choose soothing colours like blue, neutral colours like beige or brown, or fiery colours like orange whether king size or double bedding sets among linen bed sheets or cotton duvet covers and bedspread. You can even choose multiple options and mix and match with them. They are usually of a thread count of 300, which, as Goldilocks would say, is just right!


Sustainable Organic Cotton Bedding Sets


Luxury is not the only factor when choosing bedding sets. Sustainability is equally important. Cotton and linen bedding sets are eco-friendly and comfortable. Since they are made of natural fibres, they are soft and cosy, and hence, the best choice for bedding. They are also very breathable, making them even more comfortable for sleep. Their versatility makes them suited for all kinds of weather. Duvets are thick and warm and can help in providing a night of restful sleep or even a cosy afternoon nap. Slip into your bed with a natural bedding set in cool or warm colours whether king size or double bedding sets.

When it comes to colours and patterns, it depends on your taste. An optimal choice would be to go for a duvet cover with a solid colour and choose patterned pillow covers. If you like having multiple pillows, you can choose a patterned design for your housewife (or standard size) pillow covers and a solid colour for your oxford pillow covers within your king size bedspread. Floral patterns, checkered patterns, and striped patterns are very popular for all size, including king size bedspread.

(P.S.: Bedtime is not just about bedspreads, pyjamas are very important, as well! Take a look at our guide to sustainable clothes and pyjamas to multiply your luxury quotient.)


Luxury Duvet Covers and Bedspread


Full bedding sets come with many different items. You primarily have cotton duvet covers, pillow covers in different sizes, and bedsheets and bedspreads. Additionally, you may also have throw covers and cushion covers for that added luxury. You can combine them with grey or white bedding sets. Check the size of your bed to ensure are of the right size. Depending on this, choose between queen size or king size bedspreads or double bed sheets. It is always best to have at least two bed sheets as you should change and wash them at least twice a month. Cotton bed sheets or linen bed sheets are great choices to go on top of your bed mattress whether king size or double bedding sets. Add a cosy, cotton duvet cover, and you are all set to get into bed!

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