Create Chic Outfits with Silk Nightgowns

How to Style with Bocan?

We all know that silk nightgowns are luxurious and elegant outfits for wearing at home. But did you know that you can wear them outside too? Yes, indeed! Style them the right way, and you have an outfit that is suitable for many occasions. Silk is a versatile fabric that is soft, breathable and suitable for different types of weather. In this article, you will learn about some creative ways by which you can get chic outfits with silk nightgowns. Besides, you can view our benefits of wearing silk nightwear content.


How to Style a Silk Nightgown?

Silk nightgown and robe sets, as well as silk pyjamas, have made it to the fashion runway. In fact, many prominent designers included sheer silk nightgowns and robes as part of their spring and summer collections. Now, how do you style your outfit so that it does not look like you simply wore your loungewear outside? We have some fashion tips for you.

1. Layer your outfit:

This is an easy way to style your silk nightie. Wear a simple t-shirt or sweater over it. This could be a plain cotton t-shirt, a light, patterned sweater, or a full-sleeved button down shirt. Wear any of these over your silk nightgown, and elevate the look with matching shoes.

Displaying the bottom of the silk nightie is what adds an intriguing style to an otherwise normal outfit. If it has lace details, it will look especially fashionable. This is a great attire for brunch with friends or even a casual outdoor concert! And if it gets too hot, you can even tie the t-shirt or sweater around your waist.

2. Add fun accessories:

Accessories are important for any outfit, and if you want to elevate your silk nightgown for an outdoor look, you must include accessories. Earrings, layered necklaces, and rings are good jewellery pairings for silk nightgowns. Make sure you pick only one though, otherwise it will look over the top.

An oversized ring and a belt will complement your silk nightgown beautifully. You also need to wear the right shoes to complete your outfit. Ankle-length boots are a good choice, and so are nude pumps. Stick to something classic, and you are all set!

3. Put on jackets, cardigans, or scarves:

Denim jackets are a fun option for a more casual look. If you want to try something much more different, opt for a faux leather jacket in black or brown. It will look amazing over a white or beige luxury silk nightgown. You can also choose to wear a blazer or a short jacket over a white silk nightgown. Pair it with heels or strappy sandals, and complete the outfit with a cute purse!

If it is colder, you can even wear a thick, patterned cardigan over your nightgown. Leave the cardigan open, and choose some bold patterns to wear over your solid silk nightgown! If the weather is warmer or only slightly chilly, wear a scarf. You can tie it around your neck or even around your waist. Opt for some floral prints or even animal prints.

4. Wear it tunic style:

You can even choose to wear your silk nightie over a pair of tights or leggings. This tunic-style outfit can even be completed with jeans. This will look particularly good if your nightgown has a slit on the side. If you are wearing a plain slip dress, pair it with patterned leggings. A simple silk lace nightgown will look lovely with dark blue skinny jeans. 


Silk Nightgown Robe

Silk nighties aren’t your only option. Silk robes can do wonders to make your outfit look chic and fantastic. A simple outfit consisting of a t-shirt and shorts or jeans can be transformed into something magical by adding a floral, silk nightgown robe over it! Feel free to wear the robes jacket style for different kinds of outfits. You can leave the robe open or tie it around your waist. The ideal length would be just below the knee or slightly shorter. Robes even look great paired with a shirt and short skirt combination. 


Long Sleeve Silk Nightgown

A silk nightgown with sleeves - short or long - can be elevated with any of the looks described above. A long sleeve silk nightgown paired with an oversized blazer or even a pea coat and matched with boots makes for a fantastic fall outfit. Choose warm colours like reds, oranges and browns. Bocan has a stunning collection of silk nightgowns as well as silk robe sets! Get your next chic outfit here.

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