Bocan in Press - Marie Claire Arabia

Bocan in Press: Marie Claire Arabia

New Support from the Fashion Sector to Women for Women

The potential of the Bocan luxury homewear brand is joining forces today with the organization's efforts, after it announced that it will provide £ 10 from each sale to sponsor bembeleza from the Democratic Republic of Congo.

Through the women for Women International comprehensive 12-month training program, Bocan is looking to change her lifestyle and inspire hope for the future.

The year-long programme aims to equip women to earn money, restore their self-confidence, participate in activities in their communities, discover their rights and overcome the fear and insecurity generated by war.

For their part, the curators of the Bocan brand stated: "as a company, we are dedicated to supporting women around the world and have recently started working with Women for Women International to sponsor a sister."

They concluded: "Bocan is a company run by women for women."

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