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The Pyjamas And Nightwear To Help You Sleep In The Heat

We're all buying fans, having cold showers and muttering 'it's hot!' to passers by in the street. That's right, there's a heatwave in the UK and, like every year, it's like we've never seen the sun before. To be fair to us all, this is largely because we're not really equipped to deal with soaring temperatures and thus the majority of us are without such luxuries as air conditioning. So, if you're struggling to sleep in the heat, you might want to re-think what you're wearing to bed.

If you thought just wearing a baggy T-shirt and shorts would keep you cool, you might be wrong about that, depending on what it's made from. You want to look to fabrics like linen, which is breathable, allowing air to flow between its fibres and cool you down. Cotton, too, has similar properties, although it would need to be pure and not a mix with synthetic fibres.

Bocan Couture, too, makes a variety of poplin dresses and silk gowns that could just as easily be worn to a picnic as they could to bed. But right now, they'll be a God-send for days spent at home, when temperatures feel sticky and unbearable.

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