Bocan Couture x Linda Farrow's White Christmas in Tuscany

We are thrilled to share a glimpse into a remarkable collaboration that unfolded in the enchanting landscapes of Tuscany, Italy. Bocan Couture had the privilege of joining hands with the esteemed Linda Farrow team for an unforgettable experience, aptly named 'White Christmas.'

Our heartfelt gratitude goes to Linda Farrow for orchestrating a luxurious trip to the picturesque Chianti wine country, in collaboration with Terre di Baccio. This immersive journey brought together a select group of eight influencers who were graciously gifted with Bocan Couture’s epitome of luxury – silk robes that added an extra touch of elegance to the experience and five exquisite sunglasses styles from the Linda Farrow 'White Christmas' collection.
Bocan Couture x Linda Farrow's White Christmas
The itinerary was a perfect blend of culture and indulgence, featuring a traditional Italian cooking class, truffle hunting, and an exquisite wine-tasting session in the heart of Tuscany. The event was a celebration of craftsmanship, style, and the rich heritage of Italian culture.

As Bocan Couture, we extend our deepest gratitude to Linda Farrow for this splendid collaboration. It was a privilege to contribute to the success of the 'White Christmas' event, and we look forward to future opportunities to create magic together.

Here's to the power of collaboration, style, and unforgettable moments! ❤️

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