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Celebrate your
femininity in beauty

Built on the founding principle that elegance is not solely defined by what you wear, our collections introduce a style code that emulates a statement; an attitude wrapped up in a timelessly written fairytale for the modern woman, who is strong, yet soft, and unapologetically feminine.

Established in 2013, Bocan was created with three strong women at the helm: Ayşe Bocan and her two daughters, Ecem and Melike Bocan. Together, the powerful trio proudly continued their family’s decade-long legacy within the textile trade, through collections of luxurious couture nightwear and loungewear. Driven by their desire to create a product that offered both exceptional quality and timeless design, our collections are lovingly and meticulously handmade by artisans in our atelier in Bursa, Turkey.

Made by women, for women, at Bocan we champion self-confidence as the best outfit you could ever wear and therefore encourage women to celebrate their femininity, using fashion as the cornerstone to express one’s own self-love. Fusing style with comfort, and upstanding attention to detail, our collections offer inclusive designs to make all women feel beautiful in their everyday lives.

luxury couture nightwear

Evolving from a small boutique to a developing high-fashion brand that is international, agile and digital, we’ve come a long way in a short span of time. Now available worldwide, we meet the unsatisfied need of luxury couture nightwear and loungewear for elegant women.

feel like a princess

With our obsession for the finest quality and our dedication to make you feel like a modern day princess, Bocan continues to held onto a loyal, ever-increasing base of clients and friends.

following the footsteps

As the fourth generation of Bocan family, we are proudly following the footsteps of our great-grandfather, who founded a velvet factory in Bursa and our parents who run a fabric factory in Bursa.