Atelier for luxury nightwear and home reception wear to celebrate memorable occasions and new beginnings.

Each piece is designed to cherish femininity and timeless elegance, for you to feel beautiful and bright every day in the blissful intimacy of your home and in the most important moments of your life.


We inspire women in the world, to feel elegant and self-worthy, feminine
and bright in the most blissful and intimate moments of their life by providing
a memorable shopping experience.

Our purpose is to create precious garments to make you feel effortlessly
elegant, to cherish your femininity every day, in the intimacy of your home, and when you celebrate your
new beginning or every day as a bride and a mother or a woman.

Bocan is a household name and a treasured brand for royals and
distinguished women for luxury nightwear and gowns across Europe and the Middle


Founded on the pillars of family bonds, heritage, and tradition, Bocan embraces the values of uncompromising quality of each aspect of the product and meticulous attention to detail.

We work together with dedication to promote women's empowerment and self-worth, kindness and respect. Bocan embraces the values of:

- Family bonds

- Heritage and tradition

- Femininity, women empowerment and self-worth

- The uncompromising quality of each aspect of the product

- And meticulous attention to details

- Kind, attentive and personalised care

- Sustainability and respect for the environment.

Ayşe Bocan inherited the savoire-faire and the passion for the finest fabrics from generations of textile traders in her family.

Proudly continuing her family legacy, Ayşe founded Bocan in 2013 with her daughters, Ecem and Melike, and together they work to inspire women to be feminine and bright in their most blissful and intimate moments.

Ecem and Melike draw inspiration from their mother in all their work:

“My sister and I are constantly inspired by our mother - we love her style. She is the ultimate muse for our brand. We like to find new ways to bring her designs to life and to use them to inspire every piece by blending the traditional approach to reception wear with a contemporary look"

– Ecem Bocan.


Our hails from Bursa, Turkey, one of the historical capitals of the Silk Road, renowned for centuries as the source of royal silk and luxury embroidery.

We bring to you the prestigious oriental heritage of the Rumelian Turk artisans: Upholding their family’s decade-long legacy within the textile trade, all of Bocan’s collections are meticulously handmade by artisans in the family atelier in Bursa.


Made from women to women, Bocan is for the empowered woman who is naturally elegant and unconditionally self-worth, who values the beauty of details in every aspect of her life and is respectful of her environment.

Bocan Couture creates designs and manufactures handcrafted luxury nightwears and dresses to celebrate and reflect your femininity every day in the intimacy of your home and in the most important moments of your life.

With immense care for each detail and finishing, each collection is curated to be timeless, crafted from the best natural fibres, beautifully draping on your figure and gentle on your skin.



Small quantities, handmade with integrity: each design is manufactured in small numbers or custom-made as couture to reduce the waste and its climate impact. Only natural and certificated sustainable fibres, we trace the origin of every material used to the fabric mills located in the same district, in the Bursa region to reduce carbon footprints.

The promise of longevity: Our timeless designed garments last longer and wear beautifully. We are always available to adjust, adapt and alter your pieces. Each piece can be personalised to reflect your unique taste and choices. In our stores and ateliers, attentive customer care will assist you in every step of your journey.

With immense care for each detail and finishing, Bocan’s collections are curated to be beautifully draping on your figure and gentle on your skin.From nightwear to morning robes and sets, you can find curated edits for bridal and maternity pieces to celebrate the new beginnings of your life, and to welcome your guest into your home to make the most of every memorable occasion.