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Knidos Collection (49)

Nicaea- Long Sleeve Kaftan Dress - Blue


Marina - Long Silk Sateen Printed Robe Set - Navy


Marina The Azur - Long Silk Sateen Printed Robe Set - Navy


Silk Chiffon Embellished Dress Off White - Dusty Kiss on Shoulder - Grey


Rena - Long Silk Sateen Strapped Nightgown - Off White


Thalia - Linen Long Zippered Dress - Off White


Trimmed Poplin Sleeveless Dress - Azelia


Sheila - Long Cotton Buttoned Nightie - Yellow


Sherine - Long Cotton Robe Set - Yellow


Find out the Knidos collection of Bocan Couture! 

Named after the ancient city where the Aegean Sea meets the Mediterranean, and the birthplace of the famous Aphrodite of Knidos sculpture, the collection is inspired by the history and natural beauty of the region.